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'Sonic art is an extended form of sonic creation that does not resort to reference models or formalized disciplines '     


The following tracks are just a selection of recently completed project which you can read all about in the works section of this site. Also, should you just wish to simply listen or perhaps download for a rainy day then be my guest.

Belz Clapper 9'57"- Work focusing on tiny bells
12 Kwarun 29 9' 18" - Project based on an incidental recording created by John Kannenberg of a recording made in Fayoum
314 tan a/b 3'14"- Part of the .mircosound project pi 2011
47 Unt 47 1'00"- Part of the Resound Festival
Anthropogenic Noise Emitter 5'59"- Part of the Hydrophonia Festival
14-4C_SW7mph_47%_1015mb 3'23"- Part of the Ear to the Earth Project
0002_0001_001 5'48"- Part of the Send & Receive project released on Con-v
Basic Data Transfer 4'30"- Part of the Vague Terrain 15 .microsound project
Hoax Caller 7'07"- Released as part of the Sound Network project
Incidental Sound Scattering 6'11"- Part of the Wetsounds project
Tunnel Vision 8'18"- Piece used as part of Artist Elaine Speight In certain places project
Portaural_56-24-16 4'44"- Used as part of a sound installation at Tyneside Cinema
Encontro das Aguas 5'08"- Meeting of the two river, Careiro, Brazil
Auditory Communicator(fourwire circuit) 4'21"- Part of the project Sympathetic Vibration (prolongation of sound by refection)

*Note: Some of these tracks were recorded using a binaural microphone. To receive the binaural effect please listen through

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